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Web-based platform with

3D viewer engine.

Our client wanted to provide customers with adjustable 3D workstations when purchasing selected items from their online store. We created a web-based platform with a 3D viewer engine that offers full usability on mobile devices. With ReactJS on the fronted, Java and NodeJS on the backend, and microservices architecture (Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure), the client got a solution that integrates smoothly with the existing e-commerce system to provide customers with extra value.



Social Network dedicated to shopping.

WallBrand is a combination of a Social Shopping app and a mobile market-place. Brands can set up their own store in few minutes for free and are ready to sell directly into WallBrand App. Users can shop from brands they love anytime, anywhere with a swipe of a finger.



Mousee. See it faster.

Mousee is a complex platform where you can easily monitor pest activities inside or outside the facility.

User friendly app provides all the notifications, list of active traps and their status. The platform allows to generate predefined reports with statistics and creates relevant documentation.



React.js ● LoRaWAN® ● Node.js ● Google Cloud ● Zeit Now



Secure digital vault.

Orca is a secure digital vault, elegantly storing and visualizing all your assets, liabilities, people and documents in one place. Orca allows you to make better strategic decisions by giving you a comprehensive view of your life and wealth.


React.js ● Native encryption ● Neo4J ● Redux



Enterprise-grade SaaS platform for managing legal documentation

Platform that simplifies and innovates the way legal documents are handled, automating contracting systems for enterprise-level law firms. Our team is creating a web-based platform that can be used as a separate SaaS application or a white-label solution with external system integration.


React.js ● Kotlin ● Ruby on Rails ● Kubernetes ● Google Cloud ● Heroku ● Jenkins ● CircleCI ● Gatsby.js

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Benefit from our expertise in end-to-end development.

We deliver complete functional solutions to help your business grow. You don’t need to worry about any part of the process, we’ve got your covered. Our software development teams are experienced in providing end-to-end development services that enable our clients to accelerate their time to market. We are invested in the professional development of our staff and always make sure that our engineers have access to the latest learning resources about each and every step of end-to-end development.

Test your application for excellence

Let our experts test your software to help it reach new levels of quality. Fix bugs and boost the performance of your application. Testing is an essential part of every software development project. It’s not enough to build a beautiful application that attracts customers. It also needs to be functional, bug-free, and high performing. Our teams of skilled testers will provide appropriate test coverage for your product to ensure that it works to your advantage and represents your brand in the best possible way.

Create state-of-the-art web and mobile applications.

We use battle-tested and innovative technologies to build web and mobile applications. Take advantage of our skills to build software that realizes your key business goals. Our software development teams have ample experience in projects realized for many different sectors. Our backend engineers build robust and high-performing applications that meet the demands of every customer. Our frontend engineers and UX/UI designers make sure that your digital product looks great and offers a great experience to its end users. All in all, teaming up with us means that you’ll get a piece of high-quality software in no time.

Get innovative mobile applications.

Leverage mobile technologies for your business. We build state-of-the-art mobile applications that deliver excellent user experience and accelerate business growth. Mobile technologies are one their way to ruling the world. Every business that wants to engage with customers and provide them with a great product experience needs to expand to mobile. Our software developers specialize in the most innovative mobile technologies to build mobile applications that are attractive, functional, and high-performing. Take a dip into the mobile scene with us.

Transform your business with technology

Benefit from our tailored IT consulting services. We can help you make the most of your solutions and improve your processes with efficiency in mind. We help our clients to take full advantage of their IT resources by auditing their current solutions, proposing new plans of action, and assisting in their execution. Our software developers are experts in their fields who follow the global standards in their assessment of IT infrastructures and the following recommendations for its optimization and growth.

Deliver optimal user experience.

Build captivating and user-friendly digital products. Provide customers with optimal user experience and help them enjoy quality design on their mobile devices. Excellent UX/UI design is vital to the success of any digital product. We make sure that your applications have a usable interface your target audience can easily navigate. Moreover, we take extra care to provide our clients with designs that reflect their brand and make them stand out from competitors. By teaming up with us, you will get a functional and captivating digital product that realizes your business objectives while providing an unforgettable experience to your customers.


Sep 06, 2021

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