Project goal

The project’s goal was the development of a 3D Configurator tool that wouldn’t require any additional plugins from the user, at the same time delivering excellent performance on mobile devices. The MVP building phase of the product lasted 8 months so that the product could be presented at the LogiMAT 2019 trade fair in Stuttgart to over 60,000 participants.

Our team was tasked with proving that the current technologies allow realizing the client’s vision.

The challenge was to find a way for properly supporting 3D models in the GLTF format to allow customizing user workstation according to individual preferences. In addition, the tool was to continually save the progress of the customization; after closing the browser, the user wouldn’t lose their settings.

In the initial phase of the project, we supported the client on the backend side. Soon, however, we completed the team with 2 frontend developers.


We scheduled a 2-day workshop in Munich to analyze the problem, identify project requirements, and develop an initial solution proposal.

Proposal of a team consisting of specialists who have previously worked with the selected technologies and on similar projects.

Technology stack: We chose React.js and Three.js as our frontend technologies. For the backend, we picked OrientDB + Spring and a microservice architecture because the tool is a graph database and this technology enables easy presentation of dependencies.

  • Development of a scalable architecture and a well-documented API.
  • Daily Scrum ceremonies with a product owner from Munich.
  • Following 4 months of work, we scheduled another meeting in Munich to evaluate our cooperation.
  • The product was delivered piece by piece to help the customer check its progress on a regular basis.


The 3D Configurator created by our team works steadily on desktops and has additionally been adapted for mobile devices. The product was delivered on time and presented by the customer at the trade fair in Stuttgart.

After the MVP phase, the client decided to continue product development.

To operate the 3D Configurator, our team created an administrator panel for product editing and onboarding new products from the customer’s offer.

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