7 reasons why outsourcing IT to Poland is a great idea

Adrian Kasprzak, Apr 16, 2019

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Poland is one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union. A significant part of that growth is generated by IT companies that specialize in delivering services to clients located all over the world.

Poland is one of the top software development outsourcing destinations for organizations located in Europe and the US.

You must be wondering why everyone is talking about the talent and skills of Polish developers. Here are 7 good reasons why Western companies are outsourcing IT projects to Poland.

Polish developers know how to code

Everyone who has ever collaborated with Polish developers knows that they're talented, hard-working, and creative. All these skills combined with quality education makes them really good at coding.

Consider this:

In a recent compilation of countries with the best developers in the world, HackerRank placed Poland in the top three along with China and Russia.

This offers solid proof that Poland has some of the best programmers in the world. If you follow international programming contests like Microsoft Imagine Cup or Google Code Jam, you've probably noticed that Polish teams often get the highest ranks. Have a look at CFTtime rankings and you’ll see Polish teams occupying first places in 2019 and 2018.

Those who participate in global hackathons are also aware that some of the most daring and innovative solutions come from Polish developers. Having such talent on board, Polish IT companies find it easy to attract foreign clients. They simply deliver an incredibly high quality of work – and an undeniable value for organizations interested in outsourcing IT.

They have ample experience in tech projects

Poland offers young people access to excellent education in STEM areas. That's why every year the Polish job market is flooded with skilled developers. They not only have a Master's degree in Computer Science or other relevant areas, but also practical experience in software development projects.

Polish professionals are a hard-working lot who know that nothing beats experience. Universities offer young developers plenty of opportunities to hone their skills through internships and placements.

Moreover, Polish software developers can gain extra experience by participating in meetups, workshops, and hackathons organized in all major tech hubs like Warsaw or Wroclaw.

The largest Polish cities are also full of software development companies fighting for young talents. They offer numerous entry-level positions where mentoring and personal development are key priorities. In that spirit, we’ve organized a hackathon at our company.

Finally, let's not forget that Polish developers start to code earlier than the youth in many other European countries. HackerRank shows that more Polish developers started coding when they were kids than in countries such as Germany, Russia, or Canada.

Poland provides quality technology infrastructure

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the EU, Poland is also advanced regarding the quality of its technological infrastructure. The country's e-infrastructure includes High-Performance Computing centers and reliable access to quality internet connection in the vast majority of the country.

Needless to say, practically every major Polish metropolis offers access to startup incubators and accelerators that encourage developers to boost their skills and experiment with innovative technologies and cutting-edge tools. Developers can take advantage of learning centers such as Google Campus Warsaw or the Microsoft accelerator program called Startberry.

All the above also means that Polish developers are well-versed in global IT industry standards, practices, and project management methodologies. Finding a software development company that doesn't use the Agile approach is next to impossible. Scrum is a common practice in IT project management and Polish development teams have plenty of experience in following the Agile principles. Did you know that Poland is home to some of the most important Agile events such as the ACE! Conference?

Poland is located in the heart of Europe

Poland's central location means that remote work is much easier when local companies collaborate with those in Western countries. Polish development companies operate in a very convenient time zone. They get to benefit from a mere 1-hour time difference with the UK and a 6-hour difference with the US East Coast.

The Central European time zone makes collaborating with Polish developers smooth and easy. Managing daily workload and meetings is more comfortable than in collaborations with distant locations such as India or China.

Another significant advantage is Poland's proximity to major European financial centers such as London, Paris, and Frankfurt. If it's essential for your company to stay close to these finance hubs, Poland is easily the best outsourcing destination in the world. That’s not only because of its geographical location, but also the fact that the country is a member state of the European Union.

Everyone speaks English

There's no need to worry about the language barrier when collaborating with Polish software developers. Poland has always ranked very high for English skills in the EF English Proficiency Index. You can be sure that those who study technical topics have advanced knowledge of English.

Note that Poland has almost always ranked higher than other Central and Eastern European countries which today are popular IT outsourcing destinations.

For example, in 2018 Poland was awarded the 13th location and Ukraine - the primary rival in tech outsourcing - landed the 43rd place.

Professional culture and work ethics are similar

Polish professionals work and manage their companies following similar styles and practices of organizations that outsource their software development abroad like the UK or the US. When outsourcing software development to Poland, you can be sure that teamwork and communication will be smooth and there will be no surprises that come with local customs and work habits.

Poland shares many cultural similarities with Western countries. The development teams are well-versed in industry best practices, know how to collaborate and are flexible.

Polish development teams and project managers have similar work habits and expectations regarding cooperation. They know what it takes to succeed on the IT scene and how to get there.


If your IT project includes processing sensitive data like customer records or invoice details, security is one of the factors you need to take into account when choosing your outsourcing destination. And that's where Poland stands strong.

As a member state of the EU, Poland has always been serious about IT security. Together with other countries, Poland has recently introduced the General Data Protection Regulation that ensures high standards of data protection. Moreover, the country adheres to other EU data protection laws. That's why it offers excellent data security.

Poland is one of the countries that face a minimal amount of cybercrime cases. According to Symantec, only 3% of global cybercrime happens in Poland.

Another critical consideration is that Poland is part of the EU and that makes a difference in IT outsourcing. For example, if you're a fintech company looking for a development team, it might be important to outsource to a country which is part of the EU regulatory structure.

Outsourcing IT to Poland is a great idea

Poland is an excellent location for outsourcing an IT project. The impressive know-how and skills of Polish developers combined with excellent education make it one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world.

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