When to outsource IT and how to do it right

Adrian Kasprzak, Apr 08, 2019

5 min read

Outsourcing IT services has become an increasingly common practice among organizations that want to be on the leading edge of their industries. Experts predict that in 2019, spending on IT services will amount to a smashing $1,030 billion worldwide.

If you're asking yourself whether you should be delegating your IT needs or building an in-house IT team, this article is for you.

Read on to find out:

  • why outsourcing IT is a smart move,
  • what the critical benefits of outsourcing are,
  • when hiring an IT company makes sense,
  • and how to find the right outsourcing partner.

Why outsource IT at all?

Before we move on to discuss when organizations need to outsource IT, let's first take a look at the reasons why they should consider doing that.

Here are some key benefits of outsourcing IT:

  • You gain access to the latest technologies – software and hardware quickly become obsolete. It's impossible to delegate the massive task of keeping up with the industry to one person. Outsourcing gives you access to the skills and experience of a development team which is well-versed in the most recent technologies and approaches. It's the core competency of your outsourcing partner, so expect to get valuable advice from them to maximize your investment in technology.
  • Outsourcing offers the highest quality – your partners hire highly-qualified staff with specific qualifications and certifications. Sourcing, attracting, and recruiting professionals of the same level would take a lot of time and money.
  • Financial benefits – outsourcing IT services offers many financial benefits such as leaner overhead, software liveliness, or bulk purchasing and leasing options for hardware and software. Your partner will also take care of compliance with government regulations.
  • Flexibility – outsourcing partners have many resources on their hands and know how to use them in the most efficient ways. Your internal staff will almost always have more limited resources and capabilities.
  • Productivity – by outsourcing a portion of IT services to another company, you'll remove the burden from your staff who can perform better in their dedicated areas. In growing companies, one of the most common problems is making employees do more than they were hired to do simply because someone needs to do it.  By outsourcing specific tasks, you'll let your staff do what they do best.
  • Improve your focus – outsourcing non-core business functions allows organizations to concentrate on their core competencies and achieve their strategic objectives.

When to outsource IT

Now that you know why outsourcing IT services is a good idea, let's see when organizations should consider it as the next step in their growth.

When your process is streamlined and smooth

If all processes within one of your departments are streamlined, documented and well-executed, it's time to think about outsourcing them to a partner. When a third-party resource takes over an internal operation, your company gets to optimize spendings, search for new ways to cut costs, and scale at large.

When you need to focus on building your product

If you notice that your most talented IT people don't have time to work on high-impact projects but get caught in many smaller tasks, it's time to free them up. They need to be bringing value to your most important activities. That's when it makes sense to outsource a portion of their responsibilities to a technology partner. For example, you can outsource your back-end operations to allow your best developers focus on Research and Development of your core product.

When you just have too much to do

If implementing tactics and running operations is becoming overwhelming, it's high time you delegate some tasks. Project for which you could set the strategy and oversee the implementation are ready to be outsourced.

When you need top talent

Are you sure your internal resources have all it takes to perform tasks like developing an advanced data science solution? What if you could tap into the know-how and experience of top engineers without having to fund a full-time position? That's where outsourcing can help as well.

When you want to scale your business

Ultimately, outsourcing to a company that specializes in the fields you need is a must if you need external expertise to scale your business quickly. You don't want to lose resources on experimenting. Instead, expand your IT operations with an outsourcing partner who will help you keep up with the pace of growth.

How to find the right outsourcing company

When outsourcing IT, you need to team up with a software development company that has all the expertise you need, as well as experience in providing such IT services.

Here are some essential things you need to find the best outsourcing partner and ensure that your project is a success.

Prepare a brief

Your first step is writing up the scope of work you'd like to outsource. Don't forget to include Key Performance Indicators you'll use to measure the success of your outsourced activities. The idea is that you supervise and measure the results of implementation without having to do all the work yourself. To do that, you need KPIs and a clear plan that includes your expectations, requirements, and goals.

Identify other needs

When outsourcing IT tasks, it's good to take a minute and review other expectations such as fantastic customer service, responses within predefined Service Level Agreements, exceptional attention to detail, or compliance to specific regulatory standards.

Research potential partners

Reach out to your network for recommendations. Get in touch with people in your industry and professional organizations. Once you get a few names, search the web to learn more about these providers. Be sure to check out their company websites – in particular, the case studies section to see whether they offer the expertise you seek.

Request references

Get in touch with the company to ask them for references from your industry. Contact each reference and ask detailed questions to understand how the development team works and whether they deliver high-quality work on time.

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