Sharing experience today,

makes us smarter tomorrow


The recipe for exponential evolution

Exchanging experience is the best way to progress as a society. We help bootstrapping students careers and we are setting them on the right path.

It's our duty

If you have done well, it is your duty to send the elevator back down

Because the tech industry is so big and complex, we cannot rely on traditional education to rise the level of know-how.


We mentor students participating in our educational activities. They can reach out to us before, during, and after the course. Our mentorship program opens the doors to new opportunities, including job offers from partner companies.


We conduct dedicated training courses during which we recruit and train developers for companies. We organize trainings at companies’ premises or at any location selected by a larger group of learners.


We continually keep up with the latest technologies to meet customers’ needs. Our goal is to share our experience of creating dedicated apps and software perfectly suited to the unique characters of companies.


We take full responsibility for all the students, who took our training, and this is why every single student graduates the course with a test which verify their skills. The recommendation from the mentor and the official certification document is a reflection of the overall performance.

What drives us

Share an experience

We want to help both IT newbies and seasoned tech experts to gain new skills and see the sector from a new perspective.

Build a community

Sharing is caring. We want to help our local developer community grow and supply the huge demand for skilled software engineers.

Invent the future together

Software development is a very dynamic area. When we take up new challenges, we’re in fact solving problems of the future.

Extend a human potential

We see potential for excellence in every student. We want to help learners reach their goals by advising them about different career paths.