Customer’s dream

Our customer’s desire was to apply the idea of dynamic pricing to ski-pass prices.

The first milestone of creating such a system is to understand seasonal trends. Databases with related information do not exist yet, so creating such would result in a massive business advantage.

European Ski Resorts produce lots of data

To accomplish the idea customer was equipped with a standalone system deployed in a cloud. Various metrics from more than 30 European ski resorts such as weather indicators on different parts of the mountain, social media mentions, Google Analytics insights, sales and currency exchange data was acquired eight times a day. Because information is the most significant asset system needed to be as failure-proof and secure as possible.

Improved decision-making

Building dynamic pricing system requires data from multiple seasons to observe various correlations. Decision makers were introduced to the full interactive dashboard, being able to look through insights at a glance. At this point, it was possible to observe long-term consequences of for example publishing a Facebook post.

“Laser focused” – these two words describe Arc Soft’s work.

We have worked together on the system automatically capturing data from various sources, visualizing them and finally analyzing the patterns.

I was particularly impressed by team’s ability to understand exact needs and deliver high-quality, details-polished products very quickly. They are an “organizing-maniac” – knowing how to put little puzzles into a larger image.

You chances to succeed are multiplied with Arc Soft

Jakub Dymitrowicz BrandBridge


  • Swift
  • Alamofire
  • XCode


Mobile App development, unit
testing, code review,
Continous Integration,
automated testing


  • 2 back-end developers
  • 3 front-end developers
  • 1 automation testers
  • 1 manual testers
  • 1 Scrum Master

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