Project goal

Lexolve is platform that simplifies and innovates the way legal documents are handled. It provides automated contracting systems for enterprise-level law firms.

Law firms often exprience difficulties in creating and maintaining legal documents such as NDAs and rental contracts as templates for such documents need to be copied and pasted manually.

We support the client’s internal develpment team to ensure that the development process keeps up with the client’s product roadmap. The development team is located in Norway.

Lexolve also has a third-party widget that allows implementing solutions on separate platforms.


We became part of the client’s internal development team. Our main responsibility is delivering entire product features, from interactive prototypes to development and testing.

At the beginning, we supported the client’s development team with one senior frontend developer. As the project developed, we have built an extended team of 6 members that supports the client on the frontend, backend, automated testing and feature prototyping.

Tehcnology stack: The client-side application is built within the ReactJS ecosystem. Tinymce is used as WYSIWYG editor with many custom extensions that cater to our needs. The application is thoroughly tested using snapshot and unit testing (jest, enzyme) as well as e2e tests (testcafe). We use Storybook to keep style guide consistent across the entire application.

The backend system initially was written as a Ruby on Rails monolith with PostgreSQL database behind it. However, once the app became complex and the need for separate microservices emerged, we moved the infrastructure to Kubernetes on Google Cloud and used Kotlin and Node for the new microservices. All the communication between clients and the backend system in achieved via REST protocol.


We have developed a SaaS platform where users can manage both their legal templates and contracts. We have created a web-based platform with a complex WYSIWYG editor which can be used in two ways – as a separate SaaS application or a white-label solution with a plug-n-play integration for external systems.

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