We are proud of being a part of these great projects.

3D Configurator

Web-based platform with 3D viewer engine

The project’s goal was the development of a 3D Configurator tool that wouldn’t require any additional plugins from the user, at the same time delivering excellent performance on mobile devices. The MVP building phase of the product lasted 8 months so that the product could be presented at the LogiMAT 2019 trade fair in Stuttgart to over 60,000 participants.


The first social network dedicated to shopping.

Share your style with your friends, look for products you love and shop directly within the app.

Follow your friends, discover their wishlist and share your latest orders.

Real-time monitoring

Mousee is a complex platform where you can easily monitor pest activities inside or outside the facility. User friendly app provides all the notifications, list of active traps and their status.


Smart planning

Application for managers and inspectors to help them plan and manage inspections at large industrial facilities such as nuclear power plants. One of the basic assumptions behind the project was developing a user-friendly, intuitive product that facilitates the customers’ everyday work.

Xynteo Marketplace

Nobel idea

We combined artificial intelligence, written submissions and video interviews with curated matching to look for
the intersection between context, personality and skill.


Secure digital vault

Orca is a secure digital vault, elegantly storing and visualizing all your assets, liabilities, people and documents
in one place. Orca allows you to make better strategic decisions by giving you a comprehensive view of your
life and wealth

Crazy Call Extension

The easiest way to simplify your calling efforts

Design the user experience of extension for Google Chrome.


Easy Offers generator

Platform for a Sales Departement to help manage and create complex offers

Legal work automation

Streamline Legal Processes

Innovative tool called LEXOLVE™ to streamline parts of the legal processes that is taking place in all companies
– namely the creation of legal contracts and other documents.


Order, reorder and pay
in restaurants with
mobile app

PayEat is a fast mobile payment solution to save clients’ and waiters’ time. With Market Analytics tool restaurants get an innovative solution to predict customers behavior and increase revenue.