Together with our clients, we create technological solutions that shape our future

Gaining experience from all around the world

We create innovative products for companies from all over the world.

We have been delivering cutting-edge technologies to clients from around the globe right from the start. Poland, Norway, Germany, Mexico, the United States, France, Mauretania, Australia – we’re open to the world and take over a hundred trips per year to visit our clients.


Completed projects

We are proud to support the development of products and solutions across different industries.

10 yrs.

of professional experience

Technology is constantly changing, but we’ve been keeping up with it for the last 10 years.


Fixed goal

Since the beginning, we’ve had one constant objective: delivering cutting-edge technologies that help to improve lives together with our clients.


Languages & Frameworks

We provide value thanks to the expertise of our specialists who continuously expand their knowledge during courses and conferences. Check out our technology radar!

Taking the ownership over the process

We take the initiative by leading a project from its beginning to end. The sense of ownership serves as a key factor in accelerating business growth and development. It strengthens the client-team relationship and gives a sense of mutual trust and confidence with the product.

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We create the value together

The greatest value of every company is the people behind it.

We’re proud to have built a team of top specialists in their field. Software developers, UI/UX designers, testers project managers – they’re the ones who deliver value to our clients. We foster knowledge sharing and encourage team members to learn from one another. The quality we provide derives from our teamwork practices.

Maciek Kosciuk
Project manager

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To build the best possible team, we created a set of 7 principles we always follow.


Everytime we act like owners

We develop technological solutions with full responsibility and engagement. Ownership means a lot to us, and we have processes in place to ensure that each member of our team knows how their work contributes to the bigger picture.


Work locally, build globally

Today, distance isn’t an issue anymore. We can visit our clients from any corner of the world within 48 hours.


Build trust with transparency

When a client is hoping to get incredible results in a very short timeframe, we’re honest and explain why achieving their desired results will require more time. Since we don’t overpromise, we’re less likely to underdeliver.


Get feedback early

Frequent feedback is vital for agile development teams to understand whether they’re going in the right direction. The product increment developed by the team is subjected to stakeholder review, and feedback is added to the product backlog, which is prioritized at the discretion of the product owner.



Software development is a process that requires the skillful collaboration of the entire team. We bet on teamwork and honesty. The combination of different strengths leads to the minimization of individual weaknesses. That way, the team’s strengths and weaknesses enhance and complement each other.


Brave team

Let’s be honest: the reality of developing software isn’t always rosy. But we always encourage team members to speak their minds, that’s the only way to build better solutions. Sharing agile productivity metrics helps the team understand the gaps better so they can find ways to improve themselves.


Learn, learn, learn

We’re not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. We treat our failures as lessons learned. That’s how we improve the quality of our services.

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