Project goal

The client needed an application for managers and inspectors to help plan and manage inspections of equipment for large industrial facilities. One of the basic assumptions behind the project was developing a user-friendly, intuitive product that facilitates the customers’ everyday work.

The client requested the delivery of an MVP within only 3 months.

The solution needed to be scalable because it was dedicated for the cooperation of many companies, not just one.

Development of a custom calendar for managing inspections and the work of inspectors.

Creating a smart algorithm that assigns the right manager for the selected task.

User notification system about inspections that have been initiated.

The product was created from scratch, from UX/UI design phase, through development and testing.


We organized a 2-day workshop at our headquarters to introduce the client to the way we work and our take on the agile methodology. During the workshop, we also gained a deeper understanding of the problem our client aimed to solve.

The client supported us by creating user stories.

Technology stack: We decided to use React.js as our frontend technology and Spring + PostgreSQL + JOOQ as DSL as our backend technology.

A significant part of the process focused on continuous testing and detection of bugs.

Building a scalable architecture with a well-documented API.


Within 3 months, our team created a responsive system to facilitate the daily work for inspectors and managers. We were happy that we managed to develop the product from scratch within the tight deadline set by the client. The client managed to get active users of the application right after the MVP phase. The solution proposed by us is already in use and the customer has decided to continue to develop it.  

We had an amazing two-days workshop/project kick-off hosted by ARC Software in Wroclaw, where they have explained us in a very accessible way the entire work-flow, and we where we also designed the road map for our product together. Everything, what has been said during those two days were bring to live afterwards and our experience with Arc Software was really great from the beginning until the very end. We are looking forward to start some new project with the same team soon!

Christophe Vasseur Cofounder & COO in Moben&Rooster

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